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Asher Benachal  

"Asher Banachal"
ìçðá øùà

The following is a collection of letters that Rabbi Eleazer Shlomo Shick - Mohorosh / ù"àøäåî has written over the last 35 years, to provide advice and chizuk, based on the teachings of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov and of his student Rabbi Nosson of Breslov. 

Note: these files are long files (over 500k) and will be broken up into smaller files in the future. 

Letters in Hebrew

ã"ìùú'ä øáãîá - ã"ìùú'ä çìùá  
ã"ìùú'ä ïðçúàå - ã"ìùú'ä øáãîá  
ä"ìùú'ä çìùéå - ã"ìùú'ä ïðçúàå  
ä"ìùú'ä ÷ìá - ä"ìùú'ä çìùéå  
å"ìùú'ä éçéå - ä"ìùúä ÷ìá~ú÷ç  
å"ìùú'ä íéùåã÷ - å"ìùú'ä éçéå  
å"ìùú'ä á÷ò - å"ìùú'ä íéùåã÷  
æ"ìùú'ä äàø - å"ìùú'ä äàø
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