A Six Dollar Answer
To Your Million Dollar Questions

Presenting the greatest Jewish self-help tape ever published.

Be honest with yourself. Are there questions left unanswered in your fife? Do you believe you could be happier than you are? Do you have everything you desire? 

Breslov has the answer. NOT just pat answers, not long drawn-out ones either. Real answers to the most troubling problems of human life. 

  • How do I instill a real feeling for Hashem in my children?
  • Focusing on "Today" -the key to peace of mind and achievement.
  • How do I find happiness with my spouse?
  • How do I cope with ill health, financial problems, and family strife?
The answers to all the above questions and much more are now available on one 90-minute cassette tape -- culled from over 2,000 hours of taped Torah lectures by Rabbi 
Zvi Aryeh Rosenfeld Z"L and Rabbi Nasan Maimon. 

These are the teachings of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, who in his writings revealed the secrets of Torah -- the secrets of life -- in a form that is immediately applicable to every situation, for every problem or difficulty you may ever face. These dynamic teachings are already revolutionizing the way thousands of Jews deal with the stress, the crises, and the joys of life. 

This is possibly the greatest Jewish self-help tape ever published. And now it's available to you for only $6 per tape (postage and handling included). Send for it today. It may very well be the best $6 investment you've ever made. 

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