The Prophets

By Rabbi Zvi Aryeh Rosenfeld z"I 

Presenting the History of the Jewish People 

Tonight stay home. Find a comfortable chair.  Drop in a cassette. Suddenly everything begins to change. A rich, deep voice begins to speak. The room takes on a different atmosphere. You don't know it yet, but you've entered a time machine. The voice affects you strangely. You feel something opening up inside you. Old, deep, forgotten feelings awaken. Lofty sentiments, noble thoughts arise. 

You are being transported back - back into a previous time, a previous life. The voice is your guide. It is a rich voice, strong and balanced, seasoned with age, rounded by experience, pregnant with deep wisdom and unparalleled knowledge. The voice makes you see back - far back, probing the inner recesses of a forgotten age, far back into the dark tunnel of time, to a place and period where the ancients are still alive, and where the Eternal speaks openly to man. 

Who could benefit from The Prophets?

  • Everyone. 
  • From the businessman to the Rosh Yeshiva, student to the housewife. 
  • The tapes - informative and exciting - have something for everybody. see order form
Rabbi Rosenfeld it no longer  alive, physically, but his spirit you into the souls of the prophets, revealing their true character, their inner workings, their secret personality. You will dream their dreams, think their  thoughts. Drawing from all recognized. sources, including Talmudic, Midrashic and Kabbalistic; Literature, Rabbi Rosenfeld uncovers the paradoxes, the seeming contradictions, shedding a deeper  insight, while unmasking the underlying intents, the exalted motivations, behind so-called "mundane* events as they occur in-the-Tanach. 

Everything youwill hear - as shocking as it may seem-is not opinion but fact, backed work for word, sentence by sentence, by the words of the Talmud, the Rishonim, Achronim, and not least, the Kabbalists-of whose works and methodology Rabbi Rosenfeld was accounted a master. The content of these tapes - as  exciting, stimulating and entertaining as they may be, have a purpose beyong mere education. They are intended to awaken the Jewish soul, impart within it a new spirit, spurring it on to new heights of achievement, and a return to Hashem. Based on a wide variety of testimonials and personal experience, we know it accomplishes this aim.


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