Rabbi Nachman of Breslov z"tl

Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, great-grandson of the Baal Shem Tov, was bom in the Russian Ukraine in 1772. Recognized as one of the greatest Chassidic masters and Kabbalists, his teachings explain the deepest mysteries of life and give meaningful answers to the problems we all face. Over 175 years after his passing, his influence has reached the widest spectrum of world Jewry.

Rabbi Zvi Aryeh Rosenfeld z"I

Rabbi Rosenfeld, a leader of Breslov until his passing in 1978, received his Smicha from Rabbi Avraham Sternhartz, recognized leader of Breslov Chassidus in Russia and Jerusalem and from Rabbi Avraham Yoffen, dean of the Bais Yosef yeshiva in Europe and America. His penetrating mind and relentless zeal enabled him to achieve a mastery of all fields of Torah-learning including the Talmud, Shulchan Aruch, Chassidic teachings, and not least, the Kabbala. Not content to be merely a scholar, he used his encyclopedic knowledge and dynamic presence to inspire and encourage great numbers of men and women from all walks of life, through personal contact, classes and by leaving behind a living legacy of over 1000 Torah tapes. In addition his efforts were instrumental for building the Breslov Yeshiva in Jerusalem, the center of World Breslov Chassidus.

Rabbi Nasan Maimon

In 1981 when Rabbi Nachman's gravesite in the Ukraine was threatened with destruction, Rabbi Maimon was selected as the United States spokesman and representative of the world Breslov movement to avert this threat. After high- level meetings at the United States State Department, Rabbi Mairrion traveled to the USSR to meet with Kremlin officials where he succeeded in conveying to the Soviet authorities the great significance of this shrine. They subsequently granted special protected status to Rabbi Nachman's gravesite. Rabbi Nasan Mairrion received his Smicha f rom Yeshiva Chassidai Breslov in Jerusalem. For the last 8 years Rabbi Maimon has been delivering classes and lectures in Talmud and Chassidus throughout the Metropolitan Area. Hundreds of these lectures have been taped and are regularly distributed to subscribers throughout the world.


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