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The Breslov World Center was founded over fourty years ago by Rabbi Zvi Aryeh Rosenfeld. From its simple beginnings in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn to a world wide outreach program, to the organization and facilitation of the Breslov pilgrimages to Uman, to care and preservation of Breslov's most important historic landmarks - the Breslov World Center is has shouldered responsibility for Breslov worldwide community and its institutions.

Rabbi Rosenfeld brought teachings of Rabbeinu Zal to the United States at a time when Breslov was little known. Rabbi Rosenfeld worked together with, and was influenced by, Rabbi Avraham Sternhartz in Jerusalem. Rabbi Avraham instilled in Rabbi Rosenfeld the burning need to spread Rebbe Nachman's teachings in America. This became his life's mission, and for thirty years Rabbi Rosenfeld was a pioneer in the baal teshuvah movement in the United States, inspiring people such as Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan -- all the while introducing more and more people to Rebbe Nachman's teachings. This was the beginning of the Breslov World Center.

With Rabbi Rosenfeld's passing in 1978, the leadership of the Breslov World Center passed to Rabbi Nasan Maimon. Under Rabbi Maimon's leadership the Breslov World Center has greatly expanded. Today the Breslov World Center has classes and lectures in Talmud and Chassidus throughout the United States, Europe and Israel. Hundreds of these lectures have been taped and are regularly distributed to subscribers throughout the world. These classes cover Talmud, Midrash, Zohar, Kabbalah and Rabbi Nachman's teachings in classes attended by Sefardim and Ashkenazim alike.

Just as Rabbi Rosenfeld devoted himself to collecting funds to build the Breslov Yeshivah in Jerusalem, the Breslov World Center has devoted itself to taking on the tremendous legal, financial and logistical responsibilities involved with the yearly gathering of Breslover Chassidim in the city of Uman in the Ukraine. A gathering instituted and requested by Rabbi Nachman himself. In recent years the Breslov World Center has embarked on ambitious building and restoration projects in Uman.

Rabbi Rosenfeld was a descendant of Reb Aharon, the Rav of Breslov and Reb Shmuel Yitzchak, the Rav of Tcherin, both of whom were among the most prominent followers of Rebbe Nachman. Rabbi Maimon was a leading student, and son-in-law of Rabbi Rosenfeld. Together with leading Breslover in Israel such as Rabbi Avraham Sternhartz, Rabbi Eliyahu Chaim Rosen, Rabbi Michal Dorfman and others, the Breslov World Center continues to be one of the fundamental institutions of the Breslov movement today.

Breslov World Center News


Rabbi Nachman's Secret of Happiness

Main article: Rabbi Nachman's Secret of Happiness

"But what is the antidote for the person who feels so heavy, so depressed, that no words of encouragement or advice have any effect?"

Long ago, Rabbi Nachman of Breslov had recognized Simcha as the key to success in religion and coming truly close to HaShem. In stressing the importance of Simcha he went so far as saying that depression - the antithesis of Simcha - constitutes "the main bite of the serpent (the Yetzer Harah)". How far should a person struggle to remain steadfast and avoid depression? The lesson is best illustrated by the following story Rabbi Nachman told to his disciples: There was once a poor man who earned a living digging clay and selling it...

Learning Tapes

Main article: Learning Tapes

Rabbi Nasan Maimon is Executive Director and lecturer for the Breslov World Center. He received his Smicha from, and teaches in the Yeshiva Chassidai Breslov in Jerusalem. For over the last 30 years Rabbi Maimon has been delivering classes and lectures in Talmud and Chassidus throughout the United States, Europe and Israel. Hundreds of these lectures have been taped and are regularly distributed to subscribers throughout the world. He was a leading student, and is son-in-law of Rabbi Zvi Aryeh Rosenfeld, zt"l.

Parshat Hashavua

Main article: Parshat Hashavua

The "Breslov Parsha Sheet" was published weekly by the World Breslov Center in Valley Stream, New York. The World Breslov Center is the New York office of Chasedai Breslov of Jerusalem. It was written by Yisroel Katz in New Jersey and edited by Moshe Neuman in Jerusalem. During its four years of publication, it covered a wide range of topics associated with the Parsha, quoting from a wide variety of Kabbalistic, Rabbinic & Scriptural sources. Most of the lessons are based on Likutei Halachot, Rav Noson's monumental arrangement of Rebbe Nachman's teachings according to the Shulchan Aruch. In its final form, it included four sections: Parsha, Story, Hisbodiduth & Halacha.

N'shey Yeshivat Breslov

Main article: N'shey Yeshivat Breslov

"Ashreynu" Parasha Newsletter / Lekutey Halachos for women. If you are interested in subscribing to the weekly "Ashreynu" Parsha Sheet, please contact N'shey Yeshivat Breslov directly. "Ashreynu" is written under the auspices of Yeshivat Chasidei Breslov, Meah Sha'arim, Jerusalem. Suggestions, feedback, and questions are welcome. If you would like to receive halachic times for your location, tell us what city you live in or near so your newsletter can be customized.

Outpouring of the Soul

Main article: Outpouring of the Soul

Hishtap'chus HaNefesh By Rabbi Nasan Maimon.

"If you do not draw your life through prayer, then it (your life) is like that of a beast. For a man must draw all necessities of life from G-d only through prayer" "A Jewish Heart should be drawn to G-d so strongly that every heartbeat is a flame yearning for G-d" -- Rabbi Nachman of Breslov.

The first truly comprehensive cassette series that teaches the invaluable lesson of "Hisbodidus" - the original method of prayer and meditation.

The Prophets

Main article: The Prophets

Presenting the History of the Jewish People. Tonight stay home. Find a comfortable chair. Drop in a cassette. Suddenly everything begins to change. A rich, deep voice begins to speak. The room takes on a different atmosphere. You don't know it yet, but you've entered a time machine. The voice affects you strangely. You feel something opening up inside you. Old, deep, forgotten feelings awaken. Lofty sentiments, noble thoughts arise. You are being transported back - back into a previous time, a previous life. The voice is your guide. It is a rich voice, strong and balanced, seasoned with age, rounded by experience, pregnant with deep wisdom and unparalleled knowledge. The voice makes you see back - far back, probing the inner recesses of a forgotten age, far back into the dark tunnel of time, to a place and period where the ancients are still alive, and where the Eternal speaks openly to man.

Self-Help Series

Main article: Self-Help Series

Presenting the greatest Jewish self-help tape ever published. Be honest with yourself. Are there questions left unanswered in your fife? Do you believe you could be happier than you are? Do you have everything you desire? Breslov has the answer. NOT just pat answers, not long drawn-out ones either. Real answers to the most troubling problems of human life.

  • How do I instill a real feeling for Hashem in my children?
  • Focusing on "Today" -the key to peace of mind and achievement.
  • How do I find happiness with my spouse?
  • How do I cope with ill health, financial problems, and family strife?


Rabbi Zvi Aryeh Rosenfeld

Main article: Rabbi Zvi Aryeh Rosenfeld
Rabbi Zvi Aryeh Rosenfeld, founder of BWC

Rabbi Rosenfeld, a leader of Breslov until his passing in 1978, received his Smicha from Rabbi Avraham Sternhartz, recognized leader of Breslov Chassidus in Russia and Jerusalem and from Rabbi Avraham Yoffen, dean of the Bais Yosef yeshiva in Europe and America. His penetrating mind and relentless zeal enabled him to achieve a mastery of all fields of Torah-learning including the Talmud, Shulchan Aruch, Chassidic teachings, and not least, the Kabbala. Not content to be merely a scholar, he used his encyclopedic knowledge and dynamic presence to inspire and encourage great numbers of men and women from all walks of life, through personal contact, classes and by leaving behind a living legacy of over 1000 Torah tapes. In addition his efforts were instrumental for building the Breslov Yeshiva in Jerusalem, the center of World Breslov Chassidus and in opening Rabbi Nachman's gravesite in Uman to the masses.

Rabbi Nasan Maimon

Main article: Rabbi Nasan Maimon
Rabbi Nasan Maimon, director of BWC

In 1981 when Rabbi Nachman's gravesite in the Ukraine was threatened with destruction, Rabbi Maimon was selected as the United States spokesman and representative of the world Breslov movement to avert this threat. After high- level meetings at the United States State Department, Rabbi Maimon traveled to the USSR to meet with Kremlin officials where he succeeded in conveying to the Soviet authorities the great significance of this shrine. They subsequently granted special protected status to Rabbi Nachman's gravesite. Rabbi Nasan Mairrion received his Smicha f rom Yeshiva Chassidai Breslov in Jerusalem. For the last 30 years Rabbi Maimon has been delivering classes and lectures in Talmud and Chassidus throughout Israel, North America and Europe. Hundreds of these lectures have been taped and are regularly distributed to subscribers throughout the world.

Breslov World Center forum

Breslov World Center forum

A discussion forum for news and information concerning the Breslov World Center.

Contact Information

For information contact:

Breslov World Center

5 Meah She'arim St.
Jerusalem, ISRAEL
02-500-2935 (Main Office)
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054-4862935 (cellular)
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