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The Breslov World Center was founded over fourty years ago by Rabbi Zvi Aryeh Rosenfeld. From its simple beginnings in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn to a world wide outreach program, to the organization and facilitation of the Breslov pilgrimages to Uman, to care and preservation of Breslov's most important historic landmarks - the Breslov World Center is has shouldered responsibility for Breslov worldwide community and its institutions.

Just as Rabbi Rosenfeld devoted himself to collecting funds to build the Breslov Yeshivah in Jerusalem, the Breslov World Center has devoted itself to taking on the tremendous legal, financial and logistical responsibilities involved with the yearly gathering of Breslover Chassidim in the city of Uman in the Ukraine. A gathering instituted and requested by Rabbi Nachman himself. In recent years the Breslov World Center has embarked on ambitious building and restoration projects in Uman.

The Breslov World Center continues to be one of the fundamental institutions of the Breslov movement today.