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"You move through the crowd...many are in black hats and coats, others in executive suits, some in shirtsleeves, jeans and Reeboks or other garb. There are old and young, down to small boys with long, flowing payos. Every single person present has brought his own history - his own unique story - of what drew him here to Uman [and Rebbe Nachman]" - Uman, Uman Rosh HaShanah, Breslov Research Institute 1992.

Here too, each site, each approach, has its own story. The above sites are sponsored by their individual maintainers and reflect the opinions and views of their respective organizations. Founded in 1998, Breslov.COM is sponsored by "Friends of Breslov", a non-profit, non-aligned group, formed for the purpose of making Rebbe Nachman's teachings, Breslover Chassidus and the greater Breslover Community available and accessible using the tools of modern technology.

Additional projects include putting the first Orthodox English-Language Bible and Talmud online, as well as links to Hebrew and Aramaic versions, and Chassidic commentary. Please support the work of spreading Breslov Chassdius throughout the world, by clicking here, and pledging your support. Our Budget is only supported though your generous contributions.

Benyamin Pilant
Webmaster "Friends of Breslov"

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