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Sayings of Rabbi Nachman

  It is a great Mitzvah to be Joyous Always!

  Know!, all the world is just a narrow bridge.
and the most important thing is not to be afraid!

  In reality, despair does not exist!

  Talking to G-d in your own language and way is a very high level!

  Even in the lowest pit of hell, one can be close to G-d!

  People who talk during prayers show they have no real faith in G-d!

  If you believe you can destroy then believe you can build!

  Gevald! (=Oh my goodness) Do not despair!

  Everyone must study a Bible Teaching daily, without fail!

  G-d is always good!

  G-d thirsts for you to talk to him!

Community News

Breaking News: The Pacific Torah Institute (the first Yeshiva in the Pacific Northwest) has just finished its first and highly successful year!

At the Yeshiva’s (which is a Chofetz Chaim affiliate) recently held Founders Dinner, the official naming of the Yeshiva took place. Rabbi Yosef Wosk had the great privlage and honour of naming the facility after his late father Morris Wosk, of blessed memory. The new name will be Tiferes Moshe Aaron Chofetz Chaim Yeshiva, or something very close to it. It is a wonderful institution, run by two wonderful Rabbi’s; Rabbi Noam Abramchik and Rabbi Dovid Dovidowitz, who act as Deans to the Yeshiva. If you wish to contact them you may do so at 604-261-1502. A Beis Medrash program runs as well; with older boys learning at the Yeshiva on a rotating basis throughout the year.

Yasher Koach, may you go from strength to strength!

           Kosher food available in Vancouver at:
                       Omnitsky Kosher - 604-321-1818
                       Sabra Kosher Bakery - 604-733-4912
           Vancouver Mikvah at Shara Tzedeck Synogogue: 604-290-0510
           A Kollel is open in Vancouver; servicing the whole community, at varing levels.
                       Contact: The Community Kollel
                                     c/o The Orthodox Rabbinical Council of British Columbia
                                     8080 Francis Road
                                     Richmond, British Columbia
                                     Canada  V6Y-1A4
                                     (604) 275-0042
           Vancouver Hebrew Academy:
                                    Pre-school 3 thru High School: 604-266-1245

           Louis Brier Home and Hospital-Jewish Foundation for the Aged:
                                    Mashgiach/Spiritual Leader, Yosef Vernon 604-261-9376 Loc.345

           Chevra Kaddisha:
                                    Funeral Director, Rev. Yosef Marciano 604-893-9480
                                    Contact Yosef Vernon 604-272-0158
           Note: All above organizations are endorsed by the local Va'ad and Orthodox Rabbinical Council.


Variety of classes available in Vancouver and Richmond 7 days a week.

Contact: Yosef Vernon

Breslov Lending Library

Contact: Yosef Vernon
Phone: 604-272-0158

Vancouver to Uman

under construction

A Brief History of Breslov in Vancouver

This site is here mainly as a resource page for those traveling to British Columbia. There are no Breslovers as such living in Vancouver. But there are some that have an affinity for Rabbi Nachman and his followers.

The Vancouver Breslov Website page reflects several different ideas.  The main idea is to set up "Breslov Study Groups", and the name "The Breslov Connection" implies the very minimal goal of facilitating people to set up Breslov chavrusas and getting connected / becoming aware of other Bresovers and authentic Breslover Resources.  It is possible to do much, much more,  with this concept, but we need to set the foundation first.

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