Synagogue Update, 
Rosh Hashana 5760 (1999)

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Overview of Jewish Center in Ukraine Project
Update, June 8, 1999

Architects Drawings, 1997

Front view 
Rear view
Inside view
Blueprint, 2nd floor 
Floor Seating 
Function Rooms 
Architects Model, 1997

5 floors: Mikvas, Functional Rooms, Main Synagogue & Galleries
View of two levels of Galleries
Looking west towards "Bima" where Torah is read
Looking East towards "Holy Ark"

Construction, Summer 1998

Center construction site 
Davening in 1st floor, Rosh Hashana 1998
Construction, Spring 1999

Dismantling temporary roof from Rosh Hashana
Construction of 2nd floor beginning
Mikvas in 1st floor
Pillars of 2nd floor to support 3rd floor

Construction, August 1999

What will be 3rd floor, 1st floor of main Synagogue
Cross-section of 1st & 2nd floors
North wing of 2nd floor (will be function rooms, see above)
South wing of 2nd floor
East  wing of 2nd floor
"Jerusalem Stone" and temporary roof for Rosh Hashana 1999
More Mikvas in 1st floor
"Jerusalem Stone" facing of 1st and 2nd floors
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