Investment Opportunities available:

Dedicate a Tape or set of cassettes to a loved one or for the merit of an ill relative åðéìò àì or to the merit of a parent or just as a merit to your children's health or to yourself.  For a mere dollar per cassette we will print the name of your choice on the tape label for as many tapes as you choose.  All dedications are tax deductible.  Please call our toll free number for further information.  Thousands of people benefiting from these inspirational and life changing tapes will be a direct merit to yourself and the loved one in whom you dedicate a cassette or series.

Sponsor the creation of a new Tape series:
In preparation are new tape series from the teachings of Rabbi Nachman that you can dedicate and the entire series will be in your zchut, merit! Cassette samples are available on Likutey Tefilot (Rabbi Nosson's Prayers on the lessons of Likutey Moharan); Kitzur Likutey Mobaran, and future tape series of themes of Rabbi Nachman's teachings. We are preparing a tape series that reads and explains the Tikkun Klali and the Tikkun Chatsot-midnight prayer.

Gift a Tape: If you have a specific tape or set that you are inspired by, we can supply you with as many copies with a personal dedicafion of a loved one etc printed on the tape which you can give as a gift to a friend or relative.

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