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The Breslov Survey:  Baruch Hashem! since 1999 over 250,000 people a year visit Breslov.Com, Breslov.Org, Azamra.Org, and related websites, but of that about 3% have written, and less than 0.05% participate in the online discussions.  In order to better serve you, and to encourage more commitment, we would like to know what you want!  Please, please pass this on, and encourage all your friends to fill out this survey.  This is vitally important to shaping the services that Breslov can offer worldwide.  From Vancouver to Australia, Mexico to Romania, Israel, Brussles and Japan - make your voice heard!

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Free Services

The following free services are being organized and offered by various Breslov groups around the globe.  Some are being offered currently, and a few are still in planning stages looking for people who are interested.
Would you like the weekly english language BWC Breslov! Parsha Sheet
mailed to your home? Email version? Regular Mail version?  (see
Would your like the weekly english language BRI Dvar Torah e-mailed to
your home? (see
Would you like the quarterly Safed english language Tzaddik mailed to your home? 
English Version? French Version? Hebrew Version? 
Email version? Regular Mail version?
Would you like the bi-weekly hebrew language Toch HaNachal Email version? Regular Mail version?.  (see
Would you like Breslov South Africa's "Thought for the day" e-mailed to
your home?
Would you like to purchase a letter in a Sefer Torah being written in
honor of Rabbi Nachman?
Would you like a copy of the Breslov Cookbook when it is complete?

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Your Mailing Address

Would you be interested in being added to the Breslov Internet Directory? (see
Would you be interested in being added to the new Breslov Whitepages,
(similar to the Chabad Phonebook & Directory) one-line of description of goods and/or services offered: 

Breslov Interests

1  2   3 1=Already know about 2=Want to know more 3=Not interested
Breslov Research Institute, publisher of authentic english translations of traditional Breslov literature
Breslov World Center, Breslov Yeshiva in Jerusalem, building synagogue in Uman Ukraine, producer of Rav Rosenfeld Tapes in english
Breslov Center for Spirituality and Inner Growth, sponsers weekend retreats and "A Day with Rebbe Nachman", similar to Chabad Shabbaton and Yom Iyun
Nachal Novea Institutions of Safed
Nechamat Zion, (Shuvu Banim) Institions of the Old City of Jerusalem
Breslov International, of Rabbi Shick, producer of small bookets like "Be Happy","Don't Compain", "Easy Money", etc.
Breslov Center of the Ukraine, rebuilding Breslov Synagogue and Jewish Center in the former Soviet Union.
Breslov Institutions of Bnei Brak
Breslov Kollel "Ohr Zoreyach" of Emanuel
Breslov Institutions "Tiferet Hanachal" Beit Shemesh
Breslov Institutions "Ateret Hanachal" of Beitar
Yiddish Breslov of Williamsburg
Berot Bas Ayin, Baal Teshuvah Yeshiva
"Chabak" Chassidus - Chabad, Breslov, Carlebach & Rav Cook
Rav Odesser Institutions & na nach nachma nachman m'uman
Breslov Music Modern Israeli Traditional KlezmerRock
Breslov Radio Stations
Breslov Kids, stories, coloring books
Geneology research into relatives from Uman Ukraine Baal Shem Tov Rebbe Nachman
Trips to Uman, Ukraine and other historically important Jewish sites in Eastern Europe
Online Works of Rebbe Nachman Hebrew English French 
Russian Spanish Portuguese, Other: 
Online Jewish Bible in English (first and only one on Internet)
Online Talmud in English (in progress)
Breslov Stuff, T-Shirts, Replica Kiddush Cups, Mezuzahs, Tefilin

In order to provide better resources, please indicate what you think migh thelp you grow spritually?
Number of years involved in Breslov

How did you form a connection with Breslov?

Breslov Books (BRI)
Breslov small books (Breslov International, Rabbi Shick)
Rabbi Rosenfeld
Rabbi Aryeh Kapan
Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach
Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum
Rabbi Gedaliah Fleer
Rabbi Chaim Kramer
Other Rabbi 
Yiddish Mosdos Meah Shearim Williamsburg Other 
Israeli Mosdos 
Uman Trips
A friend

Amount of Hebrew

None Beginner Intermediate Fluent

Synagogue Membership

Little  Weekly Daily Breslov-Leaning Minyan 
Chabad-Breslov-Carlebach Minyan Breslov Minyan 

Learning Material Needed

English French Spanish Portuguese Russian Yiddish

Books for learning,  Small books  Sheets for Shabbos Table Cassettes

Online learning program Visiting SpeakersShabaton Weeked Retreat Day Sessions (not-local)  Weekly classes (local) Week in Kollel (Israel) Summer in Israel Program  Talmud Torah  Yeshiva Katana  Yeshiva Gedola  Kollel

Important dates for us to daven (pray) for you

in Jerusalem, in Meron, By Rabbi Nachman's tzion
Yahrzeit 1 Date 
Name  ben/bas 
Yahrzeit 2 Date 
Name  ben/bas 

Please daven (pray) for

Health, Parnasa (making a living), Marriage  Other 

E-mail addresses of some of my Breslov Friends who might be interested in
filling out this survey

The information that you provide remains private
This information is used by Mosdos Breslov International for demographic statistics and to provide the appropriate services. Mosdos Breslov International keeps all of your personal information private and does not disclose it to anyone without your explicit permission.

Mosdos Breslov International is a non-profit, non-aligned group, representing various Breslov Institutions and conmmunities, helping to connect people interested in Breslov with Breslov Institutions throughout the world.  The goal of this survey is to understand, and better meet the needs, of people interested in Breslov.