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Attachment to tzadikim is called in hebrew hiskarvus latzadikim being close to tzadikim, this means of course listening to their advise etc., however, reading our sforim we see that Reb Noson zl took every possible opportunity to visit the Rebbe when he was alive and after his passing.  Why did he not stay at home and just follow the advise?  Why did he risk his Shalom bayis just to be with the Rebbe for a few moments?  The answer is if one believes that  this is our Moshe Rabbenu they would do almost anything to be close to him. Breslover chasidim risked their lives crossing the Polish-Russian border (although without approval), just to be at the tzion to say tikun Haklali! Hiskarvus is being close and developing a love for the tzadik more than one loves a woman (see likutei moharan).  Of the 30 to 40 times I was zoche to be there I can't get enough!!! On this last trip I mentioned to friend on the taxi as we left Uman,  that we should turn around and go back, the light of lights was buried in Uman to correct the world (a quote from Reb Noson). To sum up of course the main time is Rosh Hashana, and if we can only afford 1 time that is the time, however whoever hears the call of the tzadik and loves him, can't live without at least trying to be close more than on Rosh Hashana. Therefore visit the Rebbe all the time and any time. 

Kol Tov 
Shlomo Fried 

UMAN 5760

Posted by Shlomo on June 30, 2000 

There are a minimal amount of seats available at the lowest prices for the Uman trip this year. It is being run on a first come first serve basis.

The trips are on 26 and 27 of September, returning the 2nd and 3rd of October. The airlines are  Lufthansa, Swissair, Austrian and Uzbech. The basic price is $649.00 for airfare including busses.  The visa is approximately $25-$50 for a group visa or $100-$115 for individual. The vaad is collecting an additional $30.00 for police protection, water, and services.

These are the group rates, those wishing to travel independently can do so through other airlines at a higher price and on other dates. 

The price of the seats in shul, and the food service etc. will be an additional fee, to be announced. Food is expected to be about $100 and Lodging is approximately $90, but often negotiated on the spot with the local Ukrainians.

The above airfare prices are valid for if you register by 15 July, thereafter there will be a higher cost.

To register for the group visa for Rosh Hashasna send 2 pictures and 2 copies of the passport.  For the individual 
visa send 2 pictures and the actual passport.  (The individual visa enables one to pass immigration alone and take side trips without the group.  It is 
suggestable but more expensive).  Send with $200 deposit to: Uman Trip, 4714 New Utrecht Ave., Brooklyn N.Y. 11219. 

Please send passport in a safe method of delivery i.e. certified, registered mail, Fedex etc. 

Further information can be obtained by faxing 
or Email to
or Email to
or call

We wish all the opportunity to participate in the Rebbe's Rosh Hashana. Kol tuv