For detailed information, or information on non Windows 95/NT applications,
see Hebrew University, or Globes, or the Online Hebrew Dictionary.

Basic Hebrew Font for 
Microsoft Windows 95/NT (English Version)

Installing the two Hebrew fonts:

wehad.ttf       Truetype font in the Helvetica/David style (proportional)
wehm.ttf        Truetype font in the Courier/Shalom Stick style (fixed space)


These bilingual Web fonts have been tested with English MS-Windows for use with Netscape or Internet Explorer. You can also use them to configure almost any standard English text and mail application just by selecting the WebHebrew font. The following applications have been successfully configured: Netscape Mail, Windows Write or WordPad, Wordperfect for Windows 6.0a, Word for Windows 6.0, PC Eudora, Trumpet Telnet.