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The Breslov Directory is a list of organizations and individuals either offering, or looking for, Breslov resources in the indicated area.

Please note, that there is a wide variety of approaches and levels of learning reflected in this list. Some contacts have merely expressed an interest to know what is happening in their area.

You move through the crowd...many are in black hats and coats, others in executive suits, some in shirtsleves, jeans and Reeboks or other garb. There are old and young, down to small boys with long, flowing payos. Every single person present has brought his own history - his own unique story - of what drew him here to Uman [and Rebbe Nachman] - Uman, Uman Rosh HaShanah, Breslov Research Institute 1992

To add your name, register with this website and add to the "Discussions" tab above.



  • Agudat Meshech HaNachal
Publication Society
Director Rabbi Tchernagel
110 Meah Shaarim Street,
P.O.B. 98108, Jerusalem 91056
Phone: (02) 627-3120,  (052) 403-513, (02)651-4346
  • Azamra Institute
Director Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum
POB 50037,
Jerusalem, 91500
E-Mail: click here
  • Banot Feiga Seminary
P.O.B. 50148, Jerusalem 91501
Phone: (02) 637-6473
  • Bas Ayin Magazine
Editor: Rabbi Eliezer Shore
P.O. Box 16012
Bayit v'Gan, Jerusalem
E-Mail: click here
  • Breslov Parsha Sheet
Editor: Ozer Bergman
E-Mail: click here
  • Breslov Research Institute
Director: Rabbi Chaim Kramer
POB 5370
Jerusalem, Israel
Phone: 02-582-4641
Fax: 02-582-5542
E-Mail: click here
  • Breslov Store
"Sifrei Breslov and Tashmish Kodesh"
110 Meah Shaarim Street,
  • Breslov World Center
Rabbi Nasan Maimon
Tel. 02-651-9459 or 02-627-3067
Fax 02-651-8244
  • Catemon Breslov Minyan
Old Catemon Beit Kenset Merkazi
Next to Hospital
  • Chasedai Netzach Center
P.O.B. 50500, Jerusalem
  • Chut Shel Chesed
Synagogue and Study Center
Shmuel HaNavi St.
  • Chut Shel Chesed
Synagogue and Study Center
Katamon Pat
  • Derech Tzaddikim
Trips to Uman and Kivrei Tzaddikim
5 Beit Israel Street
POB 50416, Jerusalem
Phone: (02) 581-6322, (02) 582-5472
  • Contact: Rabbi Gedaliah Fleer
Teacher / Lecturer
14 HaMalakh Road
Jewish Quarter
Jerusalem, 97600
E-Mail: click here
  • Contact: Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum
Teacher / Lecturer
E-Mail: click here
  • Har-Nof Breslov Minyan
Sefardi Bais HaMidrash
(next to Imrei Shefer)
Katzenelbogen, Har Nof
  • Keren Yisroel Dov-Ber Odesser
P.O.B. 5805, Jerusalem
Phone: (02) 628-7628 Jerusalem
Phone: (03) 685-6288 Tel Aviv
Mobile: (052) 588-2686?, (050) 326-749
  • Mekor Baruch
(Friday night minyan only)
40 Alexandria St.
  • Mosdot Ahavat Moshe
Kollel Avrechim, Talmud Torah, Yeshiva Chatzot, Kindergarten
6 Hoshea Street, Jerusalem
Phone: (02) 373-660?
  • Netzach Yisroel
Publishers of "Letter from Heaven"
POB 97
Jerusalem, 91000
E-Mail: click here
  • Peor Hanachal Synagogue
Rechov Even HaEzel
Eras Torah
  • Ramot Polin Synagogue
Tiferet Ramot
  • Ramot Hanachal Synagogue
In Beit Yaacov
Ramat Shlomo
  • Sanhedria Murchevet Synagogue
Sanhedria Murchevet St.
  • Shaarei Chesed Synagogue
Rechov Hashlah
  • Talmud Torah, Torah Temima
Rechov David
  • The Tiferet Chassidic Center,
Directors: Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum, Rabbi Baruch Gartner
26 Rechov Strauss (3rd floor),
  • Torah HaNetzach
Director: Rabbi Burstein
Publishers of a new edition of Likutei Moharan
Center for the Printing and Distribution of Chassidut Breslov
P.O.B. 50022, Jerusalem, 91500
Phone: (02) 537-3612
  • Yeshivat Chasidei Breslov
Director: Rav Michel Dorfman
36 Salant Street
P.O.B. 5944, Jerusalem
Phone/fax (02) 277-330?
  • Yeshivat Shuvu Bonim (Mosdot Breslov - Nechamat Zion)
32 Rehov Hevron
Old City
Jerusalem, ISRAEL
Phone: (02) 626-4059
Fax: (02) 626-4108
Mail: P.O. Box 1285, Jerusalem 91012
E-Mail: click here
  • Vaad Olami D'Chasedai Breslov
Rabbi Michal Dorfman
(World Committee of Breslov Chassidim)
36 Salant Street
P.O.B. 5944, Jerusalem
Phone/fax (02) 277-330?


  • "Ateret Hanachal" Institutions
Rabbi Nachman MiBreslov Street
P.O.Box 678
Beitar Elite, 99879
Tel +972 (2) 580-8536
  • Mosdot Netzach LeHoshea
Yeshivaa 14/2 Rechov HaGra
Beitar Illit, 99879, ISRAEL
Tel +972 (2) 580-6737
Shabbos Hosptality in Beitar Illit for families and Individuals
Rav Eldad Shmueli +972 (2) 580-6161
Shalom Eliyahu Daron +972 (2) 580-7246
Erez Kalif +972 (2) 580-7166
  • Rosh Yeshiva Netzach LeHoshea: HaRav Aaron Yeschiel, shlit"a
14/1 Rehov HaGra
Beitar Illit, 99879, ISRAEL
Tel +972 (2) 572-5033
  • Mesivta Heichal HaKodesh Chassidei Breslov
Daniel Amar


Beit Shemesh

Bnei Brak

  • Agudat Meshech HaNachal
65 Rabbi Akiva Street
POB 1742, Bnei Brak, 51117
Phone: 03-783303
  • Kollel Breslov in Bnei Brak
Founder: Rabbi Noson Tzvi Kenig zt"l
7 Shlomo HaMelech Street, Bnei Brak and
POB 1503, 12 Breslov Street, Bnei Brak
  • Mosdot Breslov in Bnei Brak
Talmud Torah, Yeshiva Ketana, Yeshiva Gedola
7 Shlomo HaMelech Street, Bnei Brak and
POB 1503, 12 Breslov Street, Bnei Brak
  • Svissa Travel
"Siach Machmadei Eretz"
  • Breslov Kollel "Ohr Zoreyach"
Rabbi Noson Leibermensh
Director: Rabbi Nachman Kirshenbaum
Contact: David Seltzer
Phone: (09)792-2061
Web:  Kollel Ohr Zoreyach
  • Contact: Rabbi Ofer Gissin
Phone: 09-7921074
E-Mail: click here

Modiin Elite

Kfar Gideon

  • Moshav / Yeshivah
Rabbi Toicher Teichman


  • Agudat Nachal Novea Mekor Chochma
Exec Dir: Rabbi Yaakov Klein
P.O.B. 356 Tzefat, 13102, ISRAEL
E-Mail: click here

Telephone: (06) 682-7132

Fax:  (06) 692-1967
  • Agudat Nachal Novea Mekor Chochma
Breslev Cheder's Office
Phone: 06-6922048
Fax: 06-6973351
  • Contact (english): Rabbi Binyomin Rosenberg
POB 1285
Phone: 06-6921611
  • Mesivta Heichal HaKodesh Chassidei Breslov
Founder: Rabbi Elezar Shlomo Schik
Breslov City
P.O.B. 421,
Yavne'el, ISRAEL



  • Contact Avigdor Ben Avraham
E-Mail: click here


La Plata

  • Contact: G. Beilinson
Distributer for Breslov Research Institute books
Calle 69 #382
La Plata (1900), Argentina
Tel: (54) 21-841-361
E-Mail: click here



  • Contact: Abish Dickstein
Phone: (03)232-5650



  • Contact: Sydney Elhadad
Teaches LM and organized Uman Trip
Phone: 514-481-7206
  • Shiour on Likotei Halachot.
Contact Yohanan Ausquer or Avraham Goldmann
Please note that the classes are given in French and Hebrew.
Phone: (514)738-3790 or (514) 342-3551.
  • Contact: Yael Dworkin
Distributor of Breslov Research Institute books, Shiurim,
and Organize Shabbatonim
210 Cote St. Antoine
Montreal, Quebec
H3W 2J3
Phone: 514-935-9106
E-Mail: click here
  • Contact: Yehudah Levinson,
separate classes for men and women are offered as well we
sell all the books from Breslov Research Institute.
119 Clanton Pk. Rd.,
North York, Ontario M3H 2E4;
Phone: 416-636-4660;
E-Mail: click here
  • Beit Midrash Nachal Yisrael,
3683 Bathurst St.,
Toronto, Ontario, M6A 2E6;
phone: 416-256-5887; fax: 416-256-0758
  • Contact: Rabbi Zelig Wolkenstein
25 Northmount Ave
Downsview, Ontario
M3H 1N5
Phone: 416-633-8643
  • Contact: Rabbi Avraham Jacobovitch
Phone: 416-787-5488


  • Contact: Yosef Vernon
#31-7040 Williams Road
Richmond, British Columbia
Canada, V7A-5B6
Phone: (604)272-4634

E-Mail: click here



  • Contact: Shlomo Sason Abraham
Breslov Research Institute
21 Moresby Road
London E5 9LE
Phone: 020-8806 0186 (UK)
E-Mail: click here
  • Contact: Rabbi E Silbiger
9 Bentley Road,
Salford 7
Phone: 0161-795-7936
  • Breslov Charitable Foundation
Director: Trevor Bell
3 Holden Road,
Salford 7
Phone: 0161-792-6300
  • Contact: Chaim Dov Harris
7 New Hall Avenue
Salford 7
Phone and Fax: 0161-792-1783



  • Rabbi Isaac Besancon (moved to Israel)
32 Bd-a-Jex 73100 Aix Les Bains
  • Contact: Yossef Melloul
They make a very very good job (cours, hafatsa etc..)
BAAL TEFILA  synagogue
Breslev Association in Paris
3 rue des boulets 75011 paris
E-Mail: click here
  • Contact: Alain Grigri
E-Mail: click here
  • Contact: Moshe and Lea Mesguich
Nahal Katlav 12/2
Ramat Beit Shemesh
02 999 6552
054 996 6552
054 513 484
France: (33) (0, include in France) 661 826 568
E-Mail: click here
  • Contact: Maurice Jammot
E-Mail: click here



  • Contact: David
Kirjath haJowel
E-Mail: click here



  • Contact: Shlomo Shinjiro Chiba
E-Mail: click here


  • Contact: Allen Mizrachy
E-Mail: click here

South Africa


  • Breslov Research Institute
Phone: (011) 640-3848
Fax (011) 640-7129
  • Rabbi Gavin Michal
The Baal Shem Tov Synagogue
150 - 11th Street - Orange Grove
PO Box 51501, Raedene 2124
Phone. (011) 640-6661,
Fax. (011) 640-7129
E-Mail: click here
Web: .



United States

Arizona, Tuscon

California, Irvine

  • Contact: Lee Weissman
60 Willow Tree Lane
Irvine, CA 92612
Phone: 949 551-3998
E-Mail: click here
California, Los Angeles
  • Contact: Rabbi Elchanon Tauber
Phone: (213) 938 - 8846.
Congregation Bais Yehudah.
Some classes at: Congregation Ahavas Yisroel,
720 North LaBrea Ave.
  • The Happy Minyan
Directors: Mr and Mrs Stuart Wax
The oldest continuous class in Los Angeles on the teachings of Rebbe
Nachman of Breslov, using his text Likutey Moharan with English
translation, every Tuesday night at 8PM, downstairs at Beth Jacob Congregation in Beverly  Hills, 9030 West Olympic Boulevard (corner of Doheny), sponsored by the  Happy Minyan.
For more information call (323) 931-9689 or (310) 285-7777.
E-Mail: click here
Web: .
  • Shmuel Levi
Jewish meditation & Kiruv
c/o Tzvi Zavidowski
Phone:  310-314-6928
E-Mail: click here
Santa Monica & Venice, CA

Colorado, Denver

  • Larry Gruntfest
601 S Forest St. #303
Denver, Co
Phone: (303) 399-6538
meetings every 2 weeks on sunday eves

Rhode Island, Providence

  • Contact: Scott Shore
31 Elmgrove Ave, 02906
Phone: 401-351-7815

Illinois, Chicago

  • Contact: Julian Ungar MD PhD

We meet for sichas chaverim Thursday nights at 11 30 pm followed by hisbodedus sunday 10 am for a Shiur in Rebbe's Torah. For contact person please call Dr Ungar 219 588 8000 for location times and shabbes meals

Louisiana, New Orleans

  • Contact: Roger Hartline
Breslov Connection of New Orleans
E-Mail: click here

Maryland, Baltimore

  • Contact: Yaakov David Shulman
6118 Biltmore Avenue
Barltimore, MD, 21215
Phone: 410-764-7496
  • Contact: Ms Aviva Paul
3312 Clarks Lane #F
Baltimore, MD, 21215
Phone: 410-764-2665

Maryland, Frederick County

  • Contact: Moshe Steinerman
8349 revelation ave.
walkersville Md. 21793
E-Mail: click here
Phone: 301-845-4360

Massachusetts, Boston

  • Contact: Dov Ber Marchette
Distributor of Breslov Research Institute books
E-Mail: click here
Phone: 617-782-0451
  • Contact: Benyamin Pilant
1894 Beacon St
Brookline MA, 02146
E-Mail: click here
Phone:  617-731-8663
Massachusetts, Northampton
  • Contact: Dr Michael Perlman
96 Round Hill Rd
Northampton, MA, 01060
Phone: 413-584-9060, 413-586-7787
Cellphone: 413-530-4044
Fax: 413-585-0488
E-Mail: click here
Michigan, Oak Park
  • Contact: Dr. Hillel Rosenfeld
Bais HaKnesses HaGra
Phone:. 248-968-4742
E-Mail: click here


  • HaRav Gershon Aaron
Kehillah Mayim Emukim
Near French River, MN overlooking Lake Superior
Chasiddishe Beis Medrash; Kosher Mikveh
and shiurim in Reb Nachman Z"L and other early Chassidus
Phone: 218-525-5119
E-Mail: click here
  • Contact: Reb Yonassan Gershom
Phone: 320-245-5448
E-Mail: click here
Missouri, St. Louis
Dr. Hillel Nachum Goldstein,
Phone: 314-726-0284,
Kiruv to Breslov and flexible learning schedule of seforim in Hebrew & English, 
E-Mail: click here

New Jersey, Lakewood

  • Contact: Rabbi Shlomo Goldman
210 Lawrence Ave, Lakewood, NJ, 08701
Phone: 732-370-7011
  • Contact: Mr. and Mrs. David Tzubeli
Sunday night Likutey Mohoran class 8pm-9pm (for men)
127 Courtney Rd
Phone: 732-370-1340
  • Contact: Rabbi Shlomo Meyer
  • Contact: Gavriel Savin

Nevada, Carson City

  • Contact: Nissim Kaufmann

i would like to network with breslevers in the Carson City area and have made this webpage

Phone: 718-570-6765

New York, Brooklyn

  • Agudat Nachal Novea Mekor Chochma
American office of Tzefat Breslov Community
Directors: Rabbi Yaakov Klein, Rabbi Yehoshua Rabinovitch
5504 16th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY  11204
Phone: (718) 435-0087
  • The Breslov Center For Spirituality and Inner Growth
Founders: Nachman Futterman, Dovid Sears, Dovid Zeitlan
5014 Sixteenth Avenue,
Suite 263,
Brooklyn, NY 11204
Phone: (718) 482-3382
  • Breslov Synagogue
5504 Sixteenth Ave
Brooklyn, New York
  • Breslov World Center
David Assoulin
Tel. 212-355-8333
Fax 212-207-4472
  • Rabbi Leibel Berger
American Uman Committee
Rosh Hashanah Trips to Uman
Phone: (718) 338-2434
Fax: (718) 338-7978
E-Mail: click here
  • Contact:: Rabbi Symcha Bergman
1851-50th Street,
Brooklyn, NY, 11219
Phone: 718-435-5854
  • Contact: Rabbi Dovid Sears
Teacher / Writer
961-52nd Street
Brooklyn, NY, 11219
Phone: (718)633-4058
  • Rabbi Eleazer Shlomo Schik (Mohorosh) shlit"a
Mesivta Heichal HaKodesh
851 - 47th St.
Brooklyn, N.Y.  11220
Phone: (718)436-5062 (Direct line)
Fax: (718)871-8566
Contact: Rabbi Yitzchok Leser
Phone: (718) 437-0068
E-Mail: Special:Emailuser/Rabbi Leserclick here 

New York, Far Rockaway

  • Contact: Rabbi Baruch Klein
Phone: 718-337-5620, 718-327-8321
  • Contact: Rabbi Yedudah Wurzel
329 Hicksville Rd,
Far Rockaway, 11691
Phone: 718-868-2142
  • Contact: Mrs Rochel Silber
Breslov Teachings for Women
738 Chaffrey Ave,
Far Rockaway, 11691
Phone: 718-868-8505
New York, Monsey
  • Breslov Research Institute
Publication Society
Director: Rabbi Jonathan Rietti
POB 587
Monsey, NY, 10952
Tel: 914-425-4258
Fax: 914-425-3018
  • Breslov Congregation
Contact: Goldring 914-356-7670

New York, Monsey

  • Contact: Rabbi Jonathan Rietti
Phone: 914-426-0609
  • Contact: Rabbi Yaakov Horowitz
Phone: 914-526-2243
  • Sifrei Breslov
English and Hebrew Breslov books and tapes
Director: Rabbi Moshe Rosen
4 Leon Dr, Monsey, 10952
Phone: 914-425-7464

New York, Staten Island

  • Or Pnimi Center Staten Island,
"Happy Minyan" Carlebach style davening,
Classes in Rebbe Nachman's teachings by Rabbi Eliezer Garner. Friday Morning
Weekly radio show 88.9 fm in NY, NJ Metropolitan area 7:30-10 AM est
or on the web
Phone: 718-761-3094
E-Mail: click here

New York, Sullivan County/Catskill-Hudson Valley Region

  • Contact: Rabbi Yitzchak Kolakowski

available for chavrusa in any Hasidic literature

Nachalei Emunah Hasidic Institute of Virginia
Rabbi Kolakowski
PO Box 374 - Kauneonga Lake, NY 12749
Phone: 917-435-1091 (cell)
Phone: 845-693-6935 (home) 

New York, Williamsburg

  • Congregation Yosef Zvi
Breslov Synagogue
543 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY, 11211
Phone: 718-963-2098
  • Breslov/Hebrew Sefarim
Contact: Rabbi Nachman Wasilski
165 Rodney Street
Brooklyn, NY, 11211

New York, Woodmere

  • Contact: Rabbi Moshe Weinberger
Congregation Aish Kodesh
Woodmere, NY, 11598
Phone:(516) 374-8596

New York, Queens

  • Nachman Weinstock
Phone: (718)268 -7123
E-Mail: click here

Ohio, Cleveland Heights

  • Contact: Chana (Jeanne) Fenster
E-Mail: click here

Ohio, Columbus

  • Breslov Center For Ancient Jewish Mysticism
a branch of Yeshiva Limud Torah
Director: Rabbi William Goldberg
E-Mail: click here

Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh

  • Yehudis Van Dyke
5869 Darlington Road, Apt. 1A
Pittsburgh, PA  15217
Phone: (412) 421-3472
E-Mail: click here

Texas, Dallas

  • Contact: Rav Avraham Chaim Bloomenstiel

Sofer, Shochet, Dayan. Regular Shiurim & Events.

Cell: 410-603-1976
Office: 214-484-4668

Texas, Houston

  • Contact: Bob Miller
11822 Gladewood Lane
Houston TX 77071
Phone: 713-721-1016
Office Phone: 281-485-7765
Office Fax: 281-485-0211
E-Mail: click here

Washington D.C.

  • Contact: Aryeh (Leonard) Cooper
Phone: 301-299-4474
E-Mail: click here
Study sessions in Potomac:
Shabbat afternoon, Tues. evenings
  • Contact Bryna (Bonnie) Wexler
Phone: 301-649-4758
E-Mail: click here
Web: .

Washington, Spokane

  • Contact Yosef Hayim Asher Yadin
E-Mail: click here