Rabbi Gedaliah Fleer

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Rabbi Gedaliah Fleer

Rabbi Gedaliah Fleer is an independent teacher and storyteller who explores the depths of Jewish Mysticism and Chassidic Philosophy. Rabbi Fleer is acknowledged by the Encyclopedia Judaica as one of today's leading authorities on Jewish Mysticism.

Rabbi Fleer was the first person from the West, in recent generations, to travel to Uman, Russia to visit the grave of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov. This pilgrimage is now made by thousands every year.

Rabbi Fleer has a unique ability to articulate complex esoteric concepts in a clear, direct, and understandable way. A teacher of profound intelligence, integrity, and compassion, his classes offer an amazing wealth of information and deep insights that can be applied in daily life.

  • He may be approached by telephone at +972-2-623-5492 to arrange a class or lecture.
  • In addition, recordings on CD of previous years' courses can be ordered from Geruva Publications.

United States Speaking Tours


  • Sundays 7:30-9:00. Likutei Moharan and Rabbi Nachman's Stories. 18 Baruch ben Neriah street (near Betzalel), Nachlaot, Jerusalem. 02-6235492
  • Tuesday 7:30-9:00. Prayer and various mini-series. 18 Baruch ben Neriah street (near Betzalel), Nachlaot, Jerusalem. 02-6235492