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* [http://www.mohorosh.org/english/chanuka.m3uSee a Video of Mohorosh Shlit"a Lighting the Chanuka Candles]
* [http://www.mohorosh.org/english/chanuka.m3uSee a Video of Mohorosh Shlit"a Lighting the Chanuka Candles]
* [http://www.mohorosh.org/english/chanuka_pictures.html Pictures of Mohorosh Shlit"a on Chanuka]
* [http://www.mohorosh.org/english/chanuka_pictures.html Pictures of Mohorosh Shlit"a on Chanuka]
* Now Available! A  Kmeya (Amulet) blessed by Mohorosh Shlit"a [for more info.
* Now Available! A  Kmeya (Amulet) blessed by Mohorosh Shlit"a [for more info. please e-mail us]
please e-mail us]
==Rebbe Nachman's & Breslov Seforim==
==Rebbe Nachman's & Breslov Seforim==

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Mohorosh Breslover

Schik, Rabbi Eleazer Shlomo (Mohorosh Breslover). Perhaps the most dynamic Breslov Leader today, Rabbi Eleazer Shlomo Schik (Mohorosh) founded Mesivta Heichal HaKodesh in 1964 -- an international outreach program touching hundreds of thousands of Jews worldwide. Mohorosh was a young boy of fifteen and a half when he found the book "Meshivas Nefesh" - a Breslover sefer speaking about encouragement. It attracted him and initiated a lifelong commitment to Breslover Chassidus. He began following Rabbi Nachman's teachings, spending many hours each day in Hissbodedus (private prayer) as Rabbi Nachman requested, and studying Torah with a tremendous diligence in accordance with Rabbi Nachman's system of learning (see Sichos Haran chapter 76). After seeing what a small booklet can do to a person, he then and there promised himself that as soon as the opportunity arrives he will make available all of Rabbi Nachman's books to the entire world. This opportunity arrived immediately after his marriage and he then began printing Rabbi Nachman's books and distributing them all over the world at below cost price.

In 1965, Mohorosh started printing and distributing Rabbi Nachman's books and teachings. He printed and distributed a total of 85,000 books that year - quite an accomplishment for a young man who just turned twenty-five with no money in his pocket. He continued on this path year after year until the name Breslov gained international fame and respect. Recent years have seen publications in the millions and Breslov centers sprouting all over the world.

Mesivta Heichal Hakodesh

Main website: Mohorosh.org

Your link to the sweet waters of the flowing brook of Breslover Chassidus - reaching out to the entire universe - bringing them closer to their Creator. להטעים את כל העולם כולו את מתיקות מימי הדעת היוצאים ונובעים מהנחל נובע מקור חכמה זי"ע ולהחזיר את כל העולם כולו אליו יתברך לתקן עולם במלכות שדי

Latest News!

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