==='''Upcoming Events'''===
====<font size=6>Rabbi Chaim Kramer Sun. March 18 2012Fleer's 27th annual month of learning</font>====Classes in Jewish Mysticism and Chassidic Philosophy <br/>Brighton - Cambridge Newton
<font size=4>Nov 4 - Dec 10, 2012</font>
[[File:ChaimKramerFleerPhoto.jpg|300px200px|thumb|left|chaim kramerGedaliah Fleer]]
<font size=54>Pesachhttp: Lost and Found//www.gedaliahfleer.org</font><br/>
<font size=3>with Rabbi Chaim Kramer from Jerusalem<br/>Founder and Director of the Breslov Research Institute<br/>Sun, March 18, 4Includes:00 p.m..</font>
♦ Segulah and Placebo: A conversation with Rabbi Fleer and Ted Kaptchuk ***NEW!***<p/br>Cleaning up leads to finding lost objects. Based on Rebbe Nachman's ♦ G-d, Creation and Consciousness ***NEW!***<br/>teachings♦ Shabbaton in Old Orchard Beach, Maine - November 9-11, 2012 (register soon, space limited)<br/>♦ The Best Possible You ***NEW!***<br/>learn how Pesach helps us find our lost souls ♦ Love, Loss and gather sparks Letting Go ***NEW!***<br/>♦ Likutei Moharan: The Teachings of Rebbe Nachman<br/>holiness. ♦ The Mystical Meaning of Clothing<br/>♦ The Power of Jewish Storytelling<br/>♦ Holy Chutzpah ***NEW!***<br/p>
Private Consultation available by appointment
When: Sun. March 18, 4:00-5:30 p.m.<br/>Where: Marchette Family home 21 Portina Rd., Brighton<br/>SuggBrochure with complete program information will be available soon. Donation For information contact the Marchettes: $10<br/>
RSVP the Marchettes at 617-903-0613 or by [[Special:Emailuser/Avivaestherleah|email]] <br/><br/>Rabbi Chaim Kramer Gedaliah Fleer is Founder an independent teacher and Executive Director storyteller who explores the depths of Jewish Mysticism and Chassidic Philosophy. Rabbi Fleer is acknowledged by the Breslov Research Institute, the main publisher Encyclopedia Judaica as one of English-language books today's leading authorities on Jewish Mysticism and the teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov. He is the author of many books including Crossing the Narrow Bridge, Through Fire and Water, Anatomy of the Soul, This Land is My Land and more.
===Ongoing Classes===
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