Leibel Berger's Rosh Hashanah
Trips to Uman

Leaving, B"EH, JFK airport in New York immediately
before Rosh Hashanah, Arriving, B"EH, immediately after Rosh Hashanah.
(A longer trip may also be available)

I"MH, There will be opportunities to travel to all the Makomos HaKedoshim:
Medzeboz, Berditchev, Breslov, Anipoli, Velednik, etc, at exceptionally low prices.

Those interested should call immediately because
the the number of seats are limited!

These prices are not available at any travel agent!!

For All Information Please Call
(718) 338-2434 Fax: (718) 338-7978
or click

Email to berger@umanbreslov.com

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about the upcoming trip from New York to Uman:
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