Sayings of Rabbi Nachman
  • It is a great Mitzvah to be Joyous Always!
  • Know: all the world is just a narrow bridge

  • and the most important thing is not to be afraid!
  • In reality, despair does not exist!
  • Talking to G-d in your own language and way is a very high level!
  • Even in the lowest pit of hell, one can be close to G-d!
  • People who talk during prayers show they have no real faith in G-d!
  • If you believe you can destroy then believe you can build!
  • Gevald! (Oh my goodness) Do not despair!
  • Everyone must study a Bible Teaching daily, without fail!
  • G-d is always good!
  • G-d thirsts for you to talk to him!
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    This website lists events, contacts and resources, both local and beyond the Albany area.  The name  "Albany Breslov Connection"  implies the minimal goal of a local contact and link to assist people to become aware of authentic Breslov Resources,  and of other Breslovers.  More can be offered through your involvement.

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