Rabbi Nachman Burstein

Rabbi Nachman Burstein (b.1934). The eldest son of Rabbi Moshe Burstein, Reb Nachman's expertise in the traditional melodies of Breslover Chassidim is unparalleled. At age thirty, he was appointed the prayer leader for Musaf in the Breslov minyan in Meron on Rosh HaShannah. An erudite scholar, he is a walking encyclopedia on Rebbe Nachman and his teachings and currently one of the leading Breslover Chassidim in Jerusalem. 

His father, Reb Moshe Burstein (b.1912), was a leading figure in Breslov in Jerusalem, Reb Moshe was born in Poltosk, Poland and arrived in the Holy Land in 1935 with his wife and infant son. Moving to Jerusalem's Jewish Quarter, he founded the daily Breslov minyan there. During the War of Independence (1948), he was held as a civilian hostage by the Jordanians along with eight other Breslovers. After his release, he was resettled in the Katamon section of Jerusalem, where he bought, rebuilt and administered the Breslover Synagogue. Reb Moshe was one of Reb Avraham Sternhartz's closest disciples and was a ba'al tefilah in the Meron kibutz for Rosh HaShannah for many years. For fifty years he longed to be worthy of getting to Rebbe, Nachman's gravesite. When this finally happened, in the spring of 1988, he recited the Shehechiyanu Blessing. 

Reb Moshe Burstein was a student of Reb Avraham Sternhartz.  Reb Avraham arrived in Jerusalem's Old City in 1936, where he was received and recognized as the outstanding Breslover elder of his generation. In 1940 he established the kibutz in Meron for Rosh HaShannah. Exiled from the Old City during the War of Independence in 1948, he was resettled in Katamon together with many other Breslover Chassidim. Among his disciples were a number of the major Breslover leaders of the past few decades, including: Reb Moshe and Reb Reb Nachman Burstein, Reb Michel Dorfman, Reb Shmuel Horowitz (d.1973), Reb Gedaliah Aharon Koenig, Reb Zvi Aryeh Lippel (1903-1979), Reb Zvi Aryeh Rosenfeld, Reb Shmuel Shapiro and Reb Yaakov Meir Shechter.

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Shiurim in Parashas Hashavuah by R' Nachman Burstein
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